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Hannah Louise Cox, joins Jo Causon , Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Customer Service, to share some insight and thoughts about customer service, customer demands, ease of customer service, challenges, transparency, communications, opportunities. What do the organisations that do well with customer service do differently, ethics, value. What needs to change in the UK to help our customers feel happier and improve customer experience. The role the boardroom has to play in delivering great customer service, setting the purpose and legacy. Watch or Listen here.

Michelle Ansell shares some of her thoughts after hearing from Major Sandy Hennis, Sandy was also part of the Ice Maiden expedition.  The first female team to ski across the Antarctic continent using muscle power alone in 2017/18. Sandy shared some of the challenges she faced, including touching on her Inner Critic vs Inner Cheerleader, resilience, positivity and mindset. Listen Here

Kerry Gidziewicz meets Luke Twelves, CEO of Omnes Healthcare and General Practitioner, Luke discusses his favourite destinations, culture, history, careers in the healthcare sector, governance, NHS management blending strategy and vision and building both a management and clinical career, the opportunities and challenges. Watch or Listen here.

Perry Fletcher meets John Sullivan, Associate Director of Workforce Management Planning at Wayfair and previously Dell and Amazon to learn a little bit more about John and also share and learn from John’s industry thoughts and career tips. John talks data science, machine learning, statistical analysis and stakeholder management. Watch or listen here.

Perry Fletcher talks to Chris Middlemass, Director of Service at Purplebricks and previously Domestic and General. Chris talks about authenticity, drive, people focus, executing a strategy, delivering through people and automation, whilst sharing his tips and opportunities to help you develop yours.Watch or listen here.

Perry Fletcher meets Abdul Qadir Pemberton, a Operations Business Analyst at ITC Travel Company, Abdul shares his insight in homeworking, skills, diversity, creative shift patterns and channel shifts amongst other things and shares some hints and tips to help you develop your career and opportunities. Watch or Listen here


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