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Career Development

19 March 2024

Chief Customer Officer

The Power of Customer-Centric Leadership: Why Your Utilities Business Needs a Chief Customer Officer
9 June 2023

What’s The Secret Sauce Of The World’s Top Performing CEOs?

When about 40% of new CEOs fail within the first 18 months and the odds that a CEO will lead an average company to become a top-quintile performer are only 4 percent, what does separate the top performing CEOs?
19 January 2021

Developing Extraordinary Talent and Great Leaders

Ask yourself these key questions to help identify your key thinking when it comes to leadership and developing extraordinary leaders.
24 August 2020

How You and Your Leaders Can Emerge Stronger and More Successful

How will you and your teams emerge stronger? How will you address skill gaps in your workforce?
8 April 2020

Top Tips For Your CV Writing

Whether you’ve got time on your hands and you’re giving your CV a ‘spring clean’ or whether you’re actively pursuing a new role, there’s no doubt […]
24 January 2020

Attracting and Retaining The Skills For The Future.

I was at a recent event and talking to a Director of Customer Experience about the changing roles within the customer market, as well as the […]