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28 June 2021

Is The Chief Sustainability Officer

Leading investment company Blackstone, asked executives in companies controlled by its PE arm to regularly report on ESG matters
28 April 2021

Help to move the dial when it comes to EDI…

How important is EDI, Equality, Diversion and Inclusion, to you and or your business. Latest research on why diversity matters shows
30 March 2021

Do you have an Inner Cheerleader or Critic?

Do you have nagging thoughts that you’re not good enough? This negative, self-critical voice can undermine how we feel
17 November 2020

Planning Your Virtual Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Improve your virtual talent acquisition and recruitment strategy with these top tips and start attracting top talent.
5 November 2020

The UK National Contact Centre Conference 2020

This week I had the pleasure of attending the UK National Contact Centre Conference with the CCMA. This is a long standing commitment and much anticipated […]