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Customer Experience ROI

27 June 2024

The Importance of Resource Planning, Analytics, and Customer Insight Roles

Operational Support functions are essential to running and effective and efficient operation, helping your business thrive. Find our why resource planning, insight and analytics roles are so crucial for your company and how to hire a good one
19 March 2024

The Chief Customer Officer – Who Are They and Do You Need One

One of the most significant contributions of a CCO is their ability to cultivate a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. By championing the importance of customer satisfaction, a CCO encourages every team, from marketing to product development, to prioritise the needs and preferences of customers.
8 July 2021

Automation at what cost to service?

The decline of customer service, people leadership and bots, what is the best balance?
9 March 2020

Personalisation Of The Customer Journey – CCMA Seminar

I attended another great CCMA seminar in London, focused on the customer journey and how personalising the approach with customers can affect productivity within the contact […]
21 February 2020

The Future of The Contact Centre Conference

I attended The Future of the Contact Centre conference in London last week, and I must say, I came away from the event absolutely buzzing. A […]
7 January 2020

Customer Experience Stars

The start of a New Year, we don’t know about you but it always brings about a time of self reflection, of improvement, of new beginnings, […]