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Customer Strategy

19 March 2024

The Chief Customer Officer – Who Are They and Do You Need One

One of the most significant contributions of a CCO is their ability to cultivate a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. By championing the importance of customer satisfaction, a CCO encourages every team, from marketing to product development, to prioritise the needs and preferences of customers.
19 March 2024

Empathy and Vulnerability in Utilities Leadership

Thierry Henry and his candid conversation with Steven Bartlett delved deep into the behind-the-scenes journey of success, the sacrifices made, and the crucial role of empathy and vulnerability in leadership.
19 March 2024

The Net Zero Unsung Hero?

This was a great opportunity to learn more about both the current and future Hydrogen landscape and it's importance in the journey to Net Zero.
19 March 2024

Female Leadership

Hiring Directors in the Utilities industry: are soft skills or technical skills King?
19 March 2024

Celebrating Success

Holly Beeston, who was recently honored at the Great British Businesswoman awards ceremony for her finalist nomination in the Businesswomen of the Year, Utilities category.
19 March 2024

Chief Customer Officer

The Power of Customer-Centric Leadership: Why Your Utilities Business Needs a Chief Customer Officer
13 April 2021

Jo Causon CEO Institute of Customer Service

We were delighted to welcome Jo Causon, Chief Executive Officer of Institute of Customer Service to the Impact Room.
9 April 2021

Is a Chief Planning Officer Next?

What's Next For Planning... The rise of AI, Analytics and the role of a Chief Planning Officer, do you need to appoint one to your board room.