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19 March 2024

The Chief Customer Officer

One of the most significant contributions of a CCO is their ability to cultivate a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. By championing the importance of customer satisfaction, a CCO encourages every team, from marketing to product development, to prioritise the needs and preferences of customers.
19 March 2024

Applicant Unknown

As artificial intelligence (AI) advances it's reach across our activities and lives, job applications and how job seekers apply for positions is coming clearly into view
9 June 2023

5 Secrets Your Contingent Recruiter Doesn’t Want You to Know

Do you ever wonder why your recruitment campaign is so hard? Do you ever wonder why the recruiters don't deliver on your role? What if I could tell you there is a way where you can get your recruiter to spend over six times more time on your job search? Interested? Then read on in 5 Secrets Your Contingent Recruiter Doesn’t Want You to Know….
30 March 2020

6 Top Tips For Video Interviews

With the nations home-working in full swing, there have been a number of changes for us all day to day. From battling with the youngest family […]
11 December 2019

Stability In a Changing Market

Well, we are hours away from yet another time in our economic climate whereby decisions of our country are going to be remembered in history. Whatever […]
28 October 2019

Retained Recruiter Academy

At Douglas Jackson, we are committed to keeping ourselves abreast with new and best industry practises, as well as brushing up on the more traditional ones. […]
15 February 2018

Customer Experience – What Does it Mean to You?

  What does Customer Experience mean to you? It seems there is still a lot of confusion around Customer Experience.  In an article from  Beth Richardson […]
22 September 2017

New Horizons at Douglas Jackson

After 10 years at our previous home and despite upgrading offices four times over the years, due to continued expansion, we have finally outgrown the Lichfield […]