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Talent Acquisition

27 June 2024

A Deep Dive Into Top Priorities For Operational Support Leaders

What is of importance to the Operational Support Director and the COO, whilst Operational Support functions now are doing much more in a modern business, AI, tools Tech, Analytics etc you might be surprised at what comes out top in this research
27 June 2024

Do I Need A Resource Planning Director

What is a Resource Planning Director and Should You Hire one for your company? Video and more information inside.
27 June 2024

The Importance of Resource Planning, Analytics, and Customer Insight Roles

Operational Support functions are essential to running and effective and efficient operation, helping your business thrive. Find our why resource planning, insight and analytics roles are so crucial for your company and how to hire a good one
19 March 2024

The Chief Customer Officer – Who Are They and Do You Need One

One of the most significant contributions of a CCO is their ability to cultivate a customer-centric culture throughout the organization. By championing the importance of customer satisfaction, a CCO encourages every team, from marketing to product development, to prioritise the needs and preferences of customers.
19 March 2024

Applicant Unknown How AI Might Be Effecting Your Talent Acquisition

As artificial intelligence (AI) advances it's reach across our activities and lives, job applications and how job seekers apply for positions is coming clearly into view
19 March 2024

Building Your Beach – Housing Association COO Insights

Chyrels career spans over two decades, marked by her transformative role as the Chief Operating Officer at One Housing and now as an Executive Leadership Consultant and Non-Executive Director for the NHS. Chyrel's dedication to fostering inclusive environments where every individual can thrive is not just commendable; it's a blueprint for how leadership can ignite systemic change.
19 March 2024

Stop Losing Your Diverse Talent and What To Do About It

Whilst some organisation have seen a massive uptick in D&I Activity, others have seen diversity projects take a back seat
9 June 2023

5 Secrets Your Contingent Recruiter Doesn’t Want You to Know

Do you ever wonder why your recruitment campaign is so hard? Do you ever wonder why the recruiters don't deliver on your role? What if I could tell you there is a way where you can get your recruiter to spend over six times more time on your job search? Interested? Then read on in 5 Secrets Your Contingent Recruiter Doesn’t Want You to Know….
19 December 2022

Are You Listening?

Are you Listening? When we think about the time and energy we put inot how to read, write and speak, vs how much time is given to listening, we see a significant gap appearing.