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Industry Advice & Benchmarking

As a specialist recruiter, Douglas Jackson is constantly working within the Customer Contact space. We know what ‘good’ looks like and are dedicated to developing the best possible talent pool for our clients.

Our Consultants will not only provide an overview of potential recruits available at any time, but are well placed to offer up-to-the-minute industry advice and a real depth of insight, gained through extensive market experience, effective networking and ongoing industry memberships across the Call Centre and Customer Service industry.

Unlike others in our field, our Consultants are not required to achieve activity based targets, but, to develop effective recruitment solutions, long-term business relationships and deliver honest advice that can be relied upon.

This can be invaluable when it comes to Benchmarking – seeing how any internal candidate matches up to the external talent available. Here to help ensure you make absolutely the right recruitment decision, Douglas Jackson will conduct a neutral assessment of the internal candidate’s skillset and aptitude, shortlist potential external recruits and prepare benchmarking scorecards against profile criteria for all shortlisted individuals.

Armed with this depth of information, you are better placed to secure the internal candidate for the role or open the job to the external market.