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“It’s the first time I have ever seen such strong insight and benchmarking on roles for CX and beyond. I love the introduction of CCO role and explanation as to how it works for a firm.

This is seriously good!!!”

“Having just read your Customer Director Report I feel compelled to say well done for such an informative read!

All too often you get these type of reports that just repeat the same message over hundreds of pages. Your report however was both insightful, value adding and balanced, hence I particularly liked the use of interviews, insight and the fact it wasn’t overly complicated in content.  Well done – keep it up!”

Chief Customer Officer, Customer Service Director, Customer Experience Director, Customer Success Director.   Four distinct appointments across our industry, delivering customer strategy, journey, experience, insight, service and operations, front and centre of our businesses. Yet which one is right for your company?

Are all of these roles the same, or are they different?  In this newly published Customer Director report, you will learn more from across the industry and what might be right for your future strategy.

It has been proven time and time again, that those companies that work to increase their customer experience, see increases in revenue over those who do not.

‘Brand, Customer and Employee form the experience holy trinity. The days of disconnectivity between these pillars are long gone. Brand promise is now inextricably linked to experience. Marketeers no longer have free reign to make outlandish claims that can’t be fulfilled, it used to be that way but the world has changed. The brand promise and Customer Experience must be in seamless synchronicity. A successful expectation/delivery model is what leads to true customer engagement and thus genuine and lasting satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Consumers have accelerated the desire to examine, interrogate and reflect on, well everything! This impacts everything from gender to sexuality, climate and all points in between. Fair treatment and engagement and employees is one of these and forms the third component of the trinity. Customers now care how employees are treated by businesses, for example poor working conditions or zero hour contracts are regularly thrown into the public eye. There is a positive engagement spiral in the experience holy trinity, simply put brand treats the Employee well, the Employee delivers a positive experience to the Customer, the Customer stays engaged with and loyal to the brand. As you can imagine there is a negative version of this and any breakage in the chain can have a profound impact.’

Jamie Thorpe – Ipsos CX – October 2020 

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