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The Customer Director Report

“It's the first time I have ever seen such strong insight and benchmarking on roles for CX and beyond. I love the introduction of CCO role and explanation as to how it works for a firm. This is seriously good!!!”

This report has been created for use by CEO's, COO's, CCO's CDO's, CMO's as well as Consumer Centric senior leaders. This report provides a wide array of industry statistics, salary insight and analytics, with views and interviews from senior customer leaders, to educate and inform on many aspects and benefits of the Customer Led Organisation.

Customer behaviour has changed, dramatically, and will continue to change.

Are you ready?

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The Resource Planning Operational Support Report and Salary Survey

As I am sure you are aware, workforce planning is now more important than ever, with changing shift patterns to adapt to hybrid and flexible, as well as office based colleague needs.

Getting your forecasts, resource management, scheduling and real-time right and working for your business is key, whilst factoring in shifting consumer patterns and behaviours, the demands on our planners and planning teams is higher than ever before.

Learn more in this report and salary survey across operational planning.

Why You Are Chasing Away Top Performing Senior Executives

Regardless of what employment statistics tell us, or what economic factors and trends we experience, the truth is that there is an ongoing and never-ending challenge for CEO’s, COO’s CCO’s, VPs, Directors and business leaders.

Who you hire is one of the most important decisions you will make. Having the right skills, is not the same as having the right will, purpose and behaviours.

‘Up to 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. With these decisions costing up to five times the annual salary of the bad hire.’ The Harvard Business Review

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