The Customer Director Report

“ "I rarely download these reports but I am very grateful I did, lovely report, thank you." HR Director "It's the first time I have ever seen such strong insight and benchmarking on roles for CX and beyond. I love the introduction of CCO role and explanation as to how it works for a firm. This is seriously good!!!”

This report provides a wide array of industry statistics, salary insight and analytics, with views and thought leadership from senior customer leaders, to educate and inform on many aspects and benefits of the Customer Led Organisation. Increased digitisation, personalisation, trust, brand differentiation.

The evolution of customer has gathered significant pace. Are you where you need to be?

Report book cover Customer Director Report
The Planning and Insight Report Book cover report

Resource Planning, Insight Report

As I am sure you are aware, data, resource planning, insight and analytics are now more important than ever, with changing shift patterns to adapt to hybrid and flexible, as well as office based colleague needs, digitisation and changing customer needs.

Operational support functions across, resource planning, forecasting, data, insight and analytics are key. We all know that the marketplace ahead will demand more expansive thinking and decision-making. Volatility and uncertainty are ongoing. One thing is certain in that resourcing, workforce management, planning, data, insight and analytics have never been as important as they are today.

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Why You Are Chasing Away Top Performing Senior Executives

Regardless of what employment statistics tell us, or what economic factors and trends we experience, the truth is that there is an ongoing and never-ending challenge for CEO’s, COO’s CCO’s, VPs, Directors and business leaders.

Who you hire is one of the most important decisions you will make. Having the right skills, is not the same as having the right will, purpose and behaviours.

‘Up to 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. With these decisions costing up to five times the annual salary of the bad hire.’ The Harvard Business Review

Why you are chasing away book cover report
Diversity Inclusion changing the narrative

Diversity And Inclusion, Changing The Narrative

What is your Diversity Strategy?

A strategy is not the same as a plan: It is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position the firm, so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and deliver superior results (Harvard Business Review)

If diversity and inclusion are already a focus for your company is this apparent in your communications and brand identity?

If not, then start to develop a Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

How to Create a Successful Virtual Hiring Strategy

In this helpful guide you will learn.

How to plan your virtual strategy

How to attract and engage top tier talent

How to manage the virtual hiring process

What changes to make when hiring virtually

How to avoid losing top talent to your competition

How to improve the success and retention of your new hires

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How to create a successful virtual hiring strategy book cover report

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